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National Special Olympic Games


Decatur Parks and Recreation was well represented at the 2014 National Special Olympics Games held June 14 – 21, 2014 in Princeton, New Jersey. Four area athletes competed in aquatics and golf. Jessica Miles, Brig Spearman, Trevor Davis, and Lucas Compton all came home with many medals and ribbons from their weeklong competition. These athletes have worked very hard at every level of competition to be able to compete at the National level. Every athlete that participates in the Special Olympics games has a desire to compete on the National Level which is a great accomplishment for any athlete.
Jessica and Brig each swam a 50 meter race along with a relay in aquatics. Lucas and Trevor both were competitors in golf. Jessica brought home two gold medals while Brig won a gold and silver. Lucas won gold in the skills competition for golf and Trevor finished with a ribbon. We are all very proud of these and all area athletes for all they have accomplished. Decatur is very blessed to have a strong and growing Therapeutics department that supports Special Olympics through many different sports.
For any information regarding Special Olympics activities please call Kellie Sims 256-341-4941.

Kellie Sims
Recreation Coordinator

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