Cashin Wheeler Baseball Field

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Thursday, July 27, 1995, Northwest Youth League players lined both sides of the Westlawn Baseball Field to honor a man they were too young to have known. Cashin Wheeler began coaching youth sports in 1967. Mr. Wheeler organized youth leagues for boys and girls that lived in the Northwest community – Northwest Little League, Northwest Girls Softball League and the Willie Mays League for older boys. Cashin asked the Decatur Parks and Recreation Department to purchase uniforms and equipment for these newly formed leagues. Cashin Wheeler spent ten years and countless hours on the Westlawn Baseball field teaching the youth what to expect in life and how to work together.   Cashin was a constant role model and friend for the youth in the community.

Cashin attended Decatur Negro High in the mid-1940’s where he played linebacker for their football team. He also played semi-pro baseball with the Decatur Tigers of the Southern Negro League as a fifteen year old. From 1961-67, Mr. Wheeler coached the Decatur Rough Riders, a semi-pro football team. He is remembered by family and friends as a community leader focused on helping the youth channel their energy in sports and recreation. In 1972, Cashin Wheeler became a member of the Decatur Parks and Recreation Board. 
So on Thursday, July 27, 1995, Westlawn Baseball Field was renamed Cashin Wheeler Baseball Field in honor of a man that gave himself to his community, the founder of the Northwest Youth Association and a leader by example.

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