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Lots - O - Links


Alabama Personalities                                                                                           
Alabama Chess Federation   Top Alabama players & teams 
Chess Clubs Worldwide   Through the Internet Chess Club 
United States Chess Clubs   Directory listing local clubs by state 
USCF Clubs by State   Affiliated with the USCF 
Alabama Chess Federation   Alabama clubs                                                              
Chess History Center   For serious chess historians, research requests & web resources 
Chess History   United States Chess Federation 
AncientChess    Origins, early chess. Countries. Sets & games around the world 
Jewish Chess History   Palestine & Israel 
Essortment   History of chess 
History   Concise overview 
Academic Chess    Chess rules & strategies for children & youth
America's Foundation for Chess   Integrating chess into classrooms for 2nd & 3rd graders
Caesar Chess   Educational goal to teach children how to play chess
Carolus Chess   History, culture & training in chess through the centuries
Chess Academic Scholarships   Colleges & universities offering chess scholarships
Chess Cafe   Chess books, sets, materials                                          
Chess City   Kalmykia, Russia. Devoted to everything chess.
Chess ELO   Description of the rating system.
Chess Notation   Learning to record each move.  ChessHouse.com
             Chess Poster   A lot of chess here!
            Chess Tempo   Tactics, endgame training & database. Play versus computer.
Chess-dot-com   Play in real time with opponents world wide.
Freedom Chess Academy   Birmingham, AL. Promotes chess training in western Alabama.
Internet Chess Club   Longest running & most popular place to play on the Internet.
Names & Origins of Pieces   Good article on the pieces.
101 Chess Tips   Nice site!
Online Chess Openings Library   Chess tutor analyzing moves & positions.
Oracle ThinkQuest   Chess projects for students by students.
Religion & Chess   Good article highlighting events & changes through the centuries.
Research & Benefits of Chess   Just what it says.
Samford Chess Fellowship   Through USCF. From Birmingham, AL.
School Chess   Nice site.
365 Chess   Excellent & free database.
The Chess Website   Learn to play, openings, strategy, DVDs, books, websites, traps...
USCF Scholastic Scholarships   Available for higher education.
Why Offer Chess in Schools?   Good question.  Easy answers...                                     
Alabama Rankings   Alabama Chess Federation
Chessdom   International news
Chess Lodge    Discuss, learn, practice 
FIDE World Leaders   World Chess Federation
Live Chess Ratings 2700+   Top chess players in the world
New York Times Chess Blog   The view from New York
The Week in Chess   Daily chess news and games. Weekly digest for download. UK.
USCF   Official site of the United States Chess Federation 
USCF Leaders   Top player lists 
World Chess Federation   Official site of the World Chess Federation 
Play Online    
Chess-dot-com   Excellent site
Online Chess   Correspondence, blitz, tournaments, teams...
Chess Here   Great site for online real time and correspondence
Queen Alice Internet Chess Club   Another great site with real time play and learning tools
Chess Mail   Versatile site for correspondence chess
Geeks With Chess   Online chess and opening explorer
Scheming Mind   Great site to introduce correspondence chess
Chess Circle   Nice site for a variety of chess information
Chess House   Everything chess...
Chess Set   Boards, pieces, sets, clocks, books...
Chess USA   America's largest chess store.
House of Staunton, Madison, AL   The world's finest chess equipment. Provider for USCF.
Most Expensive Chess Set   Wow.
The Chess Store   Specialists in elaborate equipment.

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