Ingalls Harbor Pavilion

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  • We loved Ingalls Pavilion; everything was taken care of for us from the set up to clean up. This was our second year to use Ingalls for our event and would recommend to anyone.  -Kim
  • Ingalls Pavilion is the perfect place to host our event. It's big and open, the big garage doors allow companies easy access to deliver and set up items for their booths. The parking is fantastic. The small kitchen allows us to have a food vendor.  We hope to be there for many more years!  -Kelly
  • Everything was great!  We feel that Ingalls Pavilion made our event the best it could be. Great venue!  Can't wait to host this event next year at Ingalls!  -John
  •  The space was great, help was knowledgable and timely, parking was good.  -CM


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