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Slowly but surely the dome covering Decatur’s Aquadome Recreation Center pool goes into place. Working from a cage suspended in the air, workers place the framework of the dome which will measure 100 feet in diameter. The panels in the dome will be made of clear-acrylic plastic insuring sun rays for swimmers year round. The $620,000 project, which also includes a large gym, is expected to be completed late this year. (Decatur Daily Color photo by Billy Smith)






Jimmy Brown, right, Decatur’s Director of Recreation and Don Stanford, recently hired program coordinator, view the progress on the Aquadome Recreation Center, scheduled for completion in the next month. (Decatur Daily Sports Photo, November 2, 1968, by Lonnie McDaniel)





The Aquadome Park pool won’t be open for a few weeks but these two bikini-clad Athens College coeds are ready for a dip now. Gina Bugie, 18, from Lake Bluff, IL, a freshman cheerleader and Linda Mullins, 21, a sophomore from Webster Grove, MO, plan to frequent the pool this summer. They lean on the Astroturf which surrounds the pool. (Decatur Daily Color photo, November, 1969, by Billy Smith)



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