Wilson Morgan Softball Complex

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Strike Zone Batting Cages


Wilson Morgan Softball Complex Batting Cage

Is Closed Until Further Notice



300 Beltline Road, SW

Decatur, AL 35601

(non-mailing address)





 Spring 2014 Hours TBA 


Automated Batting Cages

• Cage 1 -50- 55 mph baseball only
Cage 2 -40-45 mph baseball only
• Cage 3 - Slow pitch softball only
• Cage 4 - Slow pitch softball only
• Cage 5 - Slow pitch softball only
• Cage 6 - Fast pitch softball only

Batting Cage Rules

1)  Batters must use helmets at all times-
     No Exceptions.
2)  If machines are pitching out of the strike zone
     immediately alert the attendant.
3)  Only one batter in the cages at a time- No
     coaches allowed in cages during pitches.
4)  No switch hitting during pitches.
5)  Batter must wear shoes.
6)  No persons under the influence of drugs or
     alcohol are allowed to use the cages.
7)  Report all accidents immediately.
8)  Players should be alert at all times.


$1.00 Token
Punch-out Card of
500 pitches
30-minute cage rental
1-hour cage rental
20 pitches
Point Mallard Strike Zone


The Many Benefits
From Hitting in the Cage
Repetition - the average major league baseball player takes over 300 swings per day. Seeing pitches over and over will offer the opportunity to become a better hitter mentally and physically. 
Focus on contact - it is important to see the ball and to swing through the ball when hitting. Remember to keep your head down and eye on the ball! 
Batting Fundamentals - work on the proper hitting fundamentals to reach your maximum potential:  stance, bat grip, ready position, load-up, squish, swing, follow thru, release, bat speed - increase your timing in the cage.
Work on ball placement to different locations - hit to the opposite side, hit away, slap hit, or bunt.
Warm up swings before games - loosen your swing up before game time so that you are prepared both mentally and physically for the game.


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