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Alison Gray Bolton came to Decatur, Alabama, from Frodshan, England with her infant daughter, 3 year-old son, and her husband, Jon, who was transferred from British Steel to become vice president of engineering and purchasing for Trico Steele, Co.  In England she was employed with a management training group and then her own marketing agency.  Although her family visa did not allow her to work and take the job of a US citizen, she soon found herself becoming involved with many activities in Decatur and Morgan County, Alabama, including the Newcomers Club, PTA, Princess theater, Parents and Children Together (PACT) and the Volunteer Center of Morgan County. 
One outstanding aspect of Alison’s eager involvement was to lead the way in developing the idea of a community project to “show the Volunteer Center’s capabilities.”  That project came to be known as Adventure Park.
Community volunteers utilized the donations of more than $180,000 from residents and businesses to construct a beautiful addition to the existing Wilson Morgan Park on Beltline Road.  More than 1,200 volunteers worked in shifts from Friday through Sunday.
It was an exceptional effort on the part of so many!  Adventure Park has enhanced the beauty of Wilson Morgan Park as it is seen by thousands each day as they drive along the Beltline.  But most importantly, it has enriched the lives of countless numbers of children.
Alison, Jon and their children returned to England following a brief three-year residency in Decatur.  Their friendship and influence has left a lasting impression of hard work, community pride and achievement, and good will!

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