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 No Beyond the Bell:

December 12th & December 15th


610 4th Ave, SE

Decatur, AL 35601

(non-mailing address)



256-341-4939 fax


Suzanne Langdon

Chase Brown


Registration is OPEN 

Fort Decatur Recreation Center 

Kindergarten thru 8th grade

Monday - Friday

2:45pm - 5:45pm 

Full time (3-4 days) $25.00 

Part time (1-2 days) $15.00  

 The program follows the Decatur City School calendar.

Daily Schedule

- 2:45-3:00 Arrival & Instructions

- 3:00-3:55 Games & Playtime

- 4:00-4:15 Snack

4:15-5:30 Homework & Studying (Friday is Movie Day)

5:30-5:45 Pickup


The following form should be

 compeleted and turned into the

Fort Decatur Recreation Center office with payment.


 Registration Form


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