Daddy-Daughter Valentine Tea


The room was all decorated with pink and red hearts. The tables were covered in rose petals and glitter. Fathers in their suits and daughters in their finest dresses from ages of 5 to 17 all came out for the sweetest Valentine Tea Party at the Aquadome Recreation Center. They were given a lesson on tea etiquette, followed by Hawaiian sandwiches, sugar cookies, éclairs and hot tea. There was much love and laughter while they enjoyed their lunch.
As each of them finished their meals, there was an opportunity for their pictures to be taken. The hostess then began a Waltz lesson. All the daughters were lined up and taught the basic box step and the fathers were next. There was much giggling by the girls as their daddies took their first slow, quick, quick steps of one of the oldest dances in the world. When it came time to join the “couples” on the dance floor, everyone was a little nervous.
The steps came easy, along with the smiles and laughter from all involved. Fathers danced with their daughters to the warm tones of Nora Jones and the classic sounds of Journey. Watching each of the “couples” dance, some for the first time with each other, one could not help but to be filled with a feeling of joy. There was no greater pleasure than to watch the looks of adoration on the faces of the daughters and the pure love of the fathers.
The afternoon tea ended with a last dance. The fathers were able to practice their new Waltz steps or show off their slow dancing moves to their daughters. Eyes misted over as the recognizable notes of Bob Carlisle’s Butterfly Kisses came across the speakers. Daughters laid their heads over on their fathers’ chests while the littlest girls were twirled around the dance floor. It was a wonderful afternoon for all involved. Parks & Recreation looks forward to the next tea party where even more special moments can happen for little girls. Continue to check the DPR Facebook page for the next big event coming from your local Parks & Recreation Department.

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