Ft. Decatur Kids Day Camp


During the first week of the session, campers were split into four teams; each fiercely competing for the honor of being grand champions by the end of the session. The oldest group of all, “Tha Stingin’ Hornets” was heroically led by Mr. Orlandus King. The Hornets never failed to surprise us with creative chants and hearty cheering. The “Great Green Gators” was the second group. Led by Parker Henson, this team was energetic, excited, and involved for the entire session. The third group, “The Blue Bears”, was led by Ms. Antoinette. Throughout the  session, this team surprised us as their love for activity, impulsive energy and fierce competition influenced each event. The fourth group was the youngest of all the campers. “The Red Eagles” was led by Ms. Alexis and Mr. Brian. “The Red Eagles” proved that each day of camp could be full of non-stop fun! The grand prize for the winning team was the unique opportunity to pie the counselors in the face at the end of the month. Grand prize was swept away by the “Red Eagles”, and the runners-up were the “Great Green Gators”.
Each day at camp was a flurry of activity, from game time and craft time in the mornings, to outdoor sports in the afternoon, to going on field trips on Tuesdays, there was never a dull moment. Each Tuesday different teams went swimming or roller skating during the afternoon. These fun field trips were definitely the highlight of the week for both the campers and the counselors. Mr. Orlandus King said, “Skating was my favorite part. I looked forward to that more than anything. I loved to see the faces on the kids as they were out there skating around the rink; each one having a good time.”
Mr. King led the sports during the afternoon, earning him the affectionate title of “Coach King”. Campers competed in basketball, soccer, dodge ball, kickball, volleyball, flag football and ultimate Frisbee. Campers also looked forward to the days that they spent at Delano Park getting wet with the slip ‘n slides, water guns, and splash pad. Water Fun Day was silly soaking fun in the sun!
The last day of camp was a luau party. Mrs. Crystal arranged many beachy-hawaiian games for the whole afternoon. There was even a bouncy house set up in the gym for happy campers to play in. The luau party provided the perfect finish to an action-packed session of camp. We look forward to next month for more crazy camp competition.
-Gloria Hunter

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