Great News



We have just received some great items from former Beth Crane Anderson to add to the OSB’s growing collection!  Included in these gifts are two “overshot” blankets (heavy wool,  each circa 1840 to 1850 with one in good condition for its age and the other in fantastic condition for its age), a wool “salesman sample” quilt (quite unique with many types of cloth represented circa late 1800s) and a small collection of political history and transportation history written by legendary Morgan County Probate Judge T. C. Almon himself.  He, of course, is the namesake of the T.C. Almon Recreation Center in Point Mallard Park. 
Added to this gift is a heavy and fairly ornate sleigh bed complete with wooden side rails and wooden boards to support the mattress.  Included with this bed are two bolsters (perhaps of the same age) which can serve to lengthen the feather or other mattress (not included) on the bed.  Beth is able to trace the history of this bed to 1877 when it was purchased new in Paris, France by a relative, shipped to a store in Kentucky and then used by the owner and her descendants for many years.  Her instructions were to “place this bed in a good home”.  We have many historic homes here and this bed would look fabulous in many of them.  Beth was very pleased with the idea of selling the bed to a good owner and purchasing a great keepsake item for the Depot Museum in her name and the name of her family.  We will honor that request!  If you are interested in viewing this bed and/or purchasing it, contact us at the Old State Bank at 256-341-4818.
Help us to reach a wonderful goal!  We have already surpassed what we believe was record attendance for the OSB’s tours and special events last year (2014) of 14,500 persons.  We are already up to nearly 14,900 guests in 2015 with four months to go.  Thus far, we have had guests from 43 states, DC,  Puerto Rico and 10 foreign countries.  We would love to welcome guests from all 50 states—and other countries!    If you have friends or guests from any of the following, please encourage them to visit with us:  Delaware, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont and Hawaii.  Guests from foreign countries are also always a delight to meet!  Ironically, we have had no visitors from Canada as yet.  We had numerous Canadian visitors last year.  We have, however, had guests from as far away as Oman, Japan and Australia as well as several countries which are closer to the USA. 
David Breland
Historical Resource & Event Coordinator
Old State Bank

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