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309 Cherry St, NE
Decatur, AL 35601
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Frazier Park is a narrow park that anchors the south side of the Old Decatur Historic District between Ferry and Line Streets. In 2003, a traditional Japanese tea garden was created on the western end of the park through a generous donation by Daikin America, one of Decatur’s involved corporate citizens. The park draws a wide range of visitors, from employees in nearby offices who enjoy the quiet at lunchtime, to neighborhood residents who stroll the paths in the evenings, to visitors winding their way through the historic district.

The Frazier Park Master Plan celebrates the beauty found in two cultures. A Japanese Tea Garden incorporates a simplistic austerity that is tempered by the tranquility of nature. A traditional Southern garden with a fountain, arbors, iron work, and brick is included as the backdrop for colorful plantings in a new area. Additional landscaping is planned. Though different in styles, the two spaces are united as places of beauty, relaxation, and reflection. 

The mission of the Friends of Frazier Park is to transform the east end of Frazier Park into a unique garden which is aesthetically pleasing to the citizens of Decatur and Morgan County and their visitors. The Friends of Frazier Park will work as a public-private partnership to secure grants and other funding, including private and governmental funds, for the parks development. These resources will provide for landscaping, the construction of ornamental structures, and the planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers, all in adherence to the Master Plan. Through these efforts, the Friends of Frazier Park envisions the creation and perpetuation of a scenic green space that contributes to the elegance and charm of the City of Decatur.



• $50,000 Japanese Garden donated by Daikin in 2002

• Park benches

• 4 picnic tables

• Fountain

• Name changed from Old Decatur Park

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