Adult Fall Slow Pitch Softball Leagues

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Wilson Morgan
Softball Complex

300 Beltline Road, SW

Decatur, AL 35603

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All games played at Wilson Morgan Softball Complex 

2021 Co-Ed League Rules

2021 Independent League Rules


ASA Non-Approved Bat List 




► 9 Game Season 

►  Double Elimination Tournament  

►  Season and Tournament Champions 

►  Runners-up Recieve Team Trophies                                 

►  Certified Umpires  

►  Indpendent games played on Mondays & Wednesdays  

►  Coed games played on Tuesdays & Thursdays  

►  Tournament games may be played on additional days pending field availability and dates remaining.

►  Team insurance is available thru Bollinger @ 

►  By signing the roster/waiver, you and your players are assuming risk of injury.

►  Bases are stobbed on all 6 fields, they do not break away. Base distances will be set at 70'.

►  Fences are 300' permanent on all 6 fields.

►  There is an irrigation system on all 6 fields. This includes approximately 28 heads and 6 valves per field. These may be found in the dirt and grass. There are also heads and valves in the grass medians. Please be aware of this.

►  Game balls for sale in office for $5 each. Men's 52/300 12 inch. Women's 52/300 11 inch.

►  Strike Zone Mats



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