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Riverwild combination of three physically connected elements – a splashpad, playground, and garden – all of which were built with the dual purpose mission of 1) learning about the great Tennessee River and 2) accommodating children and adults of all abilities. 



Riverwild Splashpad - Built on the footprint of the historic WPA wading pool, the splashpad is a universally accessible water play area. Operation runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year. A seatwall surrounds the splashpad and benches provide additional seating. This area is enclosed with a fence.
Riverwild Playground - Universally accessible, the playground has ramp access, play panels and graphic panels showing beautiful river wildlife at ground and ramp levels. The surface is poured in place rubberized surfacing with the river running through it that walkers and wheelchairs can ride over with ease. Other features include swings (one high-backed swing), lowered and elevated monkey bars, musical instruments, a rock climbing wall, monkey rings, balance pods, talk tubes, and a section specifically for toddlers. The playground is enclosed with a fence.
Having been designed by a team including parents of children with disabilities, the playground is also sensitive to the needs of children with cochlear implants whose devices may be damaged as the result of static created when using plastic slides or tunnels; therefore, stainless steel slides and tunnels are used exclusively on this play structure. All children can enjoy at least 70% of the play activities. This playground is not only “boundless” in terms of accessibility, but also “boundless” in terms of social interaction. It is a place where children with disabilities are not segregated from the play experience with typical children.
Riverwild Garden - Surrounds the Riverwild Playground and celebrates the riverine plants and animals unique to the Decatur area and the great Tennessee River. The river has served as the key inspiration for the landscape design and art of Riverwild. The hardscape, native plants, and sculptures in Riverwild Garden represent the limestone bluffs, flood plains, river terraces, plants, and animals along the Tennessee River. 

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