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Huge Congratulations, to our 2020 Decatur Parks & Rec. Adult Coed Softball

Champions VALLEY OVERHEAD DOOR and to our Runners-Up BACK ALLEY BAR & GRILL!!!!!


Decatur Parks & Rec. would like to THANK all of our teams, participants, and supporters who came to cheer them on, for a GREAT 2020 Fall Season!!!!

We can’t wait for 2021!


The Champions- Overhead Valley Door


Runners Up- Back Alley Bar & Grill



Updates for Recreational Facility Openings and Operations


Jimmy Johns Tennis Center

( Summer Operating Hours )

7 Days a week, (7AM-9PM)

Use of facility for play will still operate by (RESERVATION ONLY).

For reservations, Call 256-341-4943


Ingalls Pavilion

Ingalls will be OPEN for rentals as of Monday, June 1st 2020

Ingalls Pavilion will rent per adherence to CDC and ADHP guidelines.

For RESERVATIONS, Call 256-341-4835


Jack Allen Recreational Complex

Jack Allen Complex will reopen beginning Monday, June 1st 2020 for soccer practices, tournaments, and rentals.

All events held at Jack Allen Complex will adhere to CDC and ADHP guidelines.

Complex hours will be in accordance to rentals, practices and tournament times.

For RESERVATIONS 256-341-4830


Turner Surles Community Center

Turner Surles will open for Rentals beginning Monday, June 1st 2020.

All Rentals and Events will adhere to CDC and ADHP guidelines for facility use.

Turner Surles will only be open during rental times.

Senior Center will remain closed at this time.

For Reservations, Call 256-341-4983


Wilson Morgan Park Complex

Wilson Morgan Park Ball Fields- will open Monday, June 1st 2020.

Ball fields can open for use of practice, and or camps June 1st.

Fields can resume to competition play Monday, June 15th 2020.

Wilson Morgan Complex events will adhere to all CDC and ADHP guidelines for facility use.

Fields will be open by reservation only.

For RESERVATIONS, Call 256- 341-4810


Please visit our website below or our Decatur Parks and Recreation Facebook page for all updates.


















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