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Health Benefits of Running


Running and Its Health Benefits
There are numerous benefits that individuals can gain from running on a regular basis. Some people use running as a hobby and others run for the many health benefits associated with it. People start running for different reasons: some run to lose weight, improve their health or run as a sport by competing in races from small distances up to marathons and beyond. Whatever your reason, running is a sport that offers many physical, mental and emotional benefits.
Running is one of the most vigorous exercises which one can engage and one of the most effective methods for weight maintenance and weight loss! A good running program that blends a positive nutritional plan with an appropriate mix of carbohydrates, protein and limits fat intake is critical for effective reduction of body mass index (BMI).
Another major reason people tend to run is to improve their health and to prevent possible disease. Running will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol levels. It will also reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke. Running also increases your immune system making you less susceptible to common illness such as the cold. Running increases self confidence and garners a positive self image. It also serves as a great stress reliever and even improves sleep.
Running is a relative inexpensive activity only requiring appropriate shoes and clothing attire which makes it accessible for everyone!
The City of Decatur Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of outstanding trails to kick off your running program or change the scenery for your current running regime. Come take advantage of the beautiful scenery and atmosphere offered at the trails!
Point Mallard to Rhodes Ferry Park 5 mi course.
Point Mallard Park Course 2.75 mi course.
Wilson Morgan Running Trails 1.5 mi course.
Additional information on running and walking.
The benefits associated with running are immeasurable for novice to expert runners. Start running today to improve your general quality of life and begin enjoying a new sport!
Fred Pelle
Wilson Morgan Park

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