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Sock Hop!



The Aquadome gymnasium was decorated in old 45s, music notes, Soda Shop deco and a big balloon arch at the entrance on Saturday, March 2, 2013 for its first ever Sweetheart Sock Hop. Everyone came dressed for the occasion in their leather jackets, rolled up jeans, cardigans, saddle shoes and penny loafers. The live DJ set the perfect mood with classic songs like Jailhouse Rock, The Twist, and  Johnny Be Good. Guests at the Sock Hop filled the dance floor and rarely took a break. They showed off their moves in the Swing, Shag, Foxtrot, Rhumba and so many other fun dances.
For those that preregistered, they were served a box dinner from Whitt’s Barbeque which included a choice of turkey or pork sandwich, potato salad, baked beans, a cookie and sweet tea. After dinner, everyone was encouraged to step out into the lobby and have their picture taken by the photographer; who provided free copies of the pictures to everyone.
Dinner and dancing were not the sole focus of the event. There were several contests throughout the evening. The ladies took over the Hula Hoop contest. The gentlemen took over the Paddle Ball contest. Both were fun and brought lots of smiles and laughs from the group. We had a Cutest Couple named and a Best Dressed, as well.
The last contest of the evening was the dance contest where we pulled all the Sweethearts on the floor to participate. This competition lasted two songs and made for tons of fun. The contest ended in a tie decision.
The question of the evening was “When are you all doing this again?” It was a question that let the entire staff know that they had created a fun and loved event. The Decatur Parks & Recreation Department was proud to bring back some of the classic moments of the 1950s for a night of dinner and dancing. It is most assuredly going to become a type of event that will be implemented again in the future. Keep checking back for the next big dance coming to a recreation center near you!
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