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Recreation Complex



Recreation Complex
The Jack Allen Recreation Complex is one of the excellent facilities of the Decatur Parks and Recreation Department. All of our facilities offer great programs for every age and skill level overseen by dedicated staff. 
The complex is proud to be one of the best soccer facilities in the southeast, due to the foresight and planning of Decatur’s municipal leadership as well as the ongoing care provided by DPR maintenance.
The primary emphasis of the complex is on all things related to soccer- state, regional, national and international tournaments and local leagues. However, we have also hosted NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competitions, long drive golf competition, flag football, disc golf, and Frisbee football. We are also anticipating archery competition and preparing for our first lacrosse tournament.
Organized soccer has quickly become a popular sport in the United States. And with soccer being our primary emphasis, we are witness to interesting activities among the young people who participate here.
What we observe on a regular basis is the physical exercise provided which develops strength and stamina. It is more than kicking a ball around as it requires concentration and endurance, and contributes to building confidence in each player. Regular exercise helps to offset health risks and soccer is an excellent activity for this. The league play helps to develop soccer skills from beginner to the more advanced player.
Additionally, so much can be included regarding the social benefits of organized sports activity- sportsmanship, team play, self-esteem, discipline, attitude, how to win or lose with maturity.
Further, it is a family experience as parents and friends watch and engage the enthusiasm of their players. And coaches of the league teams help to set examples for our youth in many areas of life.
The Jack Allen Recreation Complex is proud to be a part of this great endeavor and representing the great city of Decatur, Alabama.
David Wisdom
Jack Allen Recreation Complex
Decatur Parks & Recreation

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